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Classic Enameled Cast Iron meets...

Classic Durable Cast Iron

High quality rust proof enameled cast iron with best in class craftsmanship. Designed specifically for bread making. Gives each loaf its best oven spring thanks to its high heat storage capacity.

... Modern Non-Stick Silicone Liner

Professional non-stick silicone liner

Perforated liner gives every inch of loaf a crunchy crust, not just the top!. Liner brings the state of the art professional baking technology to your home kitchen.

High heat, high humidity Artisan baking

LoafNest is designed to provide a high heat, high humidity baking environment for loaves similar to artisan hearth ovens. This gives each loaf its best oven spring, crust and flavor.

Fits your rhythm..

.. with healthy ingredients


No Kneading, No Shaping, No Mess, No Cleanup. Takes less than 5 minutes effort. It is the easiest way to great artisan bread at home!


Crunchy crust, Soft crumb, Complex flavors, thanks to long fermentation and high heat and humidity during baking.


Natural ingredients that you trust. Just 4 ingredients: Flour, Water, Salt and Yeast (or sourdough).

Limitless Creativity

Seeds, Nuts, Herbs, Spices, Cheese... easily add limitless flavors and textures with LoafNest.

Artisan Bread with Crunchy Crust and Soft Crumb

Make artisan bread everyday with crunchy crust and soft airy crumb with complex rich flavors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LoafNest Silicone Liner is made in France by Demarle, who are known for their SILPAT baking mats. LoafNest Cast Iron Casserole is made in China by a reputed manufacturer who also manufactures for reputed brands in USA and Europe.

LoafNest's dimensions are about 30 cm x 15.5 cm x 14.5 cm ( 12 inch x 6 inch x 5.75 inch) including the handles. The inner size of the LoafNest is 23cm (~9 inch) long, 14.5cm (~6 inch) wide and 13.5cm (~5.5 inch) tall.

You can see the dimensions in the below picture.

LoafNest is stocked in USA, UK, Germany and the Netherlands. From these locations, we ship LoafNest worldwide as follows:

Shipping FromShipping toShipping costTransit time
USAUSAFree2-5 days
GermanyWhole of EUFree2-8 days
UKUKFree2-5 days
NetherlandsWorldwideVaries by destination2-30 days

Of course! You get a starting recipe with LoafNest (no-kneading, no-shaping) that you can easily tune to fit your own schedule as well as to include a wide range of natural ingredients. You can also use LoafNest to bake your own favorite recipes, including sourdough. As long as you use around 500g of flour, any recipe would work well with LoafNest.

LoafNest conforms to all applicable US and European food contact safety regulations. LoafNest cast iron casserole is coated with glass enamel and is free from Lead & Cadmium. LoafNest liner is made in France and is free from BPA & POFA.

LoafNest liner is designed to last at least for 1000 uses and with proper care will last 2000-3000 uses. Liner and casserole are safe for oven use up to 260 C / 500 F.

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