Update 16 Nov 2021. This contest is now closed. There were only 4 entries to the contest and everyone who participated is a winner! Winners are contacted to organize shipping of their prize.

Dear LoafNesters,

When we made the first loaf from our LoafNest prototype in our kitchen 5 years ago, we could not have imagined how LoafNest will be loved by thousands of families around the world. We are grateful to your support to make this happen. Holiday giveaways are our way of expressing that gratitude. For the fourth year in a row, we are happy to bring you the LoafNest Holiday Giveaway contest. Thank you for your support through the years and we hope you will participate in this edition and win prizes for yourself or your loved ones.

Entering the contest is simple.

Just leave a review with a picture/video on our webshop for LoafNest or Panache. Click here for our USA shop or click here for our shop for EU, UK and rest of the world.

A picture or video with the reviews is required to be eligible for the prizes. This is to prevent fraudulent entries. You can leave reviews on multiple products you own. Each review will count as one entry.

We will aim to send the prizes before the holiday season to four random winners.


To participate, go to our webshop for either USA or EU/UK.

Pick the product you want to leave a review for.

Scroll near the end of the page and click on the button marked write a review.

write a review

Write review

Fill in your review. Remember to add at least one picture or video of the product you are reviewing. This is a requirement for participation in the contest with the aim of preventing fraudulent entries.

Your review will be published after a screening process for spam. That is it!

How to participate

Two LoafNests and four Panache Griddle pans. We will pick one winner each from EU and USA for LoafNest and two each for Panache. We will ship prizes to the address of winners' choice in USA or in Europe.


There are no restrictions on participating as long as you have used LoafNest or Panache pan. A purchase of LoafNest is not necessary.


The contest runs till 15th November. After that we will announce the winners on our blog and social media. We will aim to send you the prizes soon after, so that they can reach you well before the holiday seasons.

Thank you! Wish you good luck!

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Submitted by Wekigai on Mon, 10/18/2021 - 08:53

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