Fri, 01/21/2022 - 17:12 By Wekigai

The simplest LoafNest flow is the easiest one, but we get questions from our users about how to get a much airier loaf with LoafNest.

We found a simple trick that we thought was worth sharing with you.

If you like to get an airier loaf from your LoafNest, you could just add folds (twice or trice) to your dough during its raising. This allows the dough to build even more strength and make the loaf airier. The rest of the steps remain same as before. This trick is really great for whole flour or blends with whole flour which normally are denser than white flour loaves.

This simple video from Ken Forkish (of the book ‘Flour Water Salt Yeast’) shows how easy that process is.



It is as simple as that and you can do as little or as much as your schedule allows. We fold our dough once after about an hour of mixing and once when the dough has raised halfway through.

We know it adds a few seconds to your LoafNest routine and is a slight departure from the minimalistic LoafNest approach, but we assure you that it is worth doing when you can. On other days, you can fall back on the minimalistic approach and skip this.

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